A battery which has an alkaline electrolyte is known as an alkaline-based battery. The most widespread model is the zinc-manganese dioxide (Zn-MnO2) alkaline battery.

The zinc-manganese dioxide alkaline battery, which we often mistakenly refer to simply as the alkaline battery, is named after its two electrodes, the negative one made of zinc and the positive one made of manganese dioxide. They are immersed in an alkaline electrolyte made of potassium hydroxide in contrast with the saline battery’s acid electrolyte (zinc-carbon or zinc chloride). Both battery types have the same nominal voltage and the same size but saline batteries do not perform as well.

The most common format for zinc-manganese dioxide cells is cylindrical (LR03/AAA, LR06/AA, LR14/C, and LR20/D).

We have selected our range of batteries to ensure that they meet the requirements of our trade customers. However, depending on the quantity required, we can offer you custom battery performance and dedicated labelling.

Enix Power Solutions have been manufacturing battery packs for more than 30 years using top of the range alkaline cells. As a leading European distributor for Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic, we can supply battery packs for a very competitive price. Our UK based manufacturing site assembles battery packs with all the standard sizes (AA, AAA, C, D) but also coin cells.

Across the years, we have worked with industrial application manufacturers and demanding customers in order to bring the solutions to their applications specifications. We design and manufacture alkaline batteries for all type of power requirements under the brand NX-Power:

NX-Power Industrial

Designed for low-drain applications like clocks, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, radios or remote controls.
NX-Power Industrial Zinc Carbon batteries have a long life and are affordable
Available in size AA and AAA – boxes of 10.

NX Power Industrial Batteries

NX-Power Tech

Designed for power hungry applications like HF microphones and LED headlamps.
NX-POWER TECH batteries provide a reliable and constant power.
Available in size AA, AAA, C, D and 9V – boxes of 10 and blisters.

NX Power Tech Batteries

NX-Power Plus

Developped especialy for applications needing precise energy in changing requirements
NX-POWER PLUS was designed for high consumption appliances, the battery can handle higher discharge currents.
Available in size AA, AAA – boxes of 10.

NX Power Plus Batteries

View our comparative table of NX-Power Industrial Batteries here.

Enix Power Solutions has been manufacturing alkaline batteries for the industrial market and the consumer market since 1986. Get in touch with our sales team for more details.