Arts Energy

Arts Energy has over 40 year’s expertise in battery manufacturing. Based in Nersac in France, they are a global player in design, industrialisation and storage systems.

Arts Energy manufacture 2 different types of chemistries:

  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Nickel Cadmium

Arts Energy are the only manufacturer of NIMH and NICD cylindrical cells outside Asia.

Enix Power Solutions use these in many different market sectors for our customers including medical markets, safety lighting and defence and aviation. Depending on the applications, we can build battery packs with added protection or thermal fuses and terminate them with any connector you require.

Arts Energy have a very vast range of Nickel solutions. They have a large range of NiMH cells in all of the standard size cells. The key features of this range is that they have many different attributes for different applications:

  • High Energy Density
  • 40°C back up
  • 50°C back up
  • High Drain Current
  • Large Temperature Range
  • Large Cycling Range
  • Long Life

The Nickel Metal Hydride battery is currently finding widespread application in high end portable electronic products, where battery performance parameters, notably run time are a major consideration in the purchase decision. Enix Power Solutions use these cells in packs for many different markets but our most popular market sectors are digital cameras and tracking devices.

The Nickel Cadmium range is very popular for assembling emergency lighting battery packs. At Enix Power Solutions we offer many different configurations, including:

  • Single Sticks
  • Double Sticks
  • Between 2 and 5 cells in side by side formation

We offer these with either faston tab terminals or flying leads with AMP connector for easy consumer fit. The key features of this range are their common sizes and wide temperature range, which is why NiCD is mainly chosen for Emergency Lighting and Medical applications.

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