Electric vehicle batteries

Electric vehicle batteries need to be highly reliable. These batteries are therefore built with specific technical solutions. Their capacity can start from a few tens of amperes and go up to several hundred amperes. These solutions are adapted for civilian or military use.

The weight and volume of the battery are important for all electric vehicles. The weight to power and volume to power ratios in Enix Power Solutions batteries are quite competitive because of the cells chosen. Using standardised cells (cylindrical, prismatic) makes it possible for Enix Power Solutions to make batteries which can be adapted to different space requirements. In addition to this, using standardised cells means that we can guarantee the durability of the chosen solution. It is possible to choose connectors and accessories in order to facilitate the removal and installation of the battery.

Enix Power Solutions uses made-to-measure cases made from aluminium for electric bike batteries. This makes it easy to adapt the capacity and voltage of the battery.