World leading manufacturers of energy storage solutions

Enersys are the world leading manufacturers of energy storage solutions for multiple industrial applications, such as motive power, lighting, UPS and telecoms. They have offices and production sites in Europe and North America. They also have sales offices and manufacturing plants in over 18 locations all over the world.

Enix Power Solutions build many different types of custom battery packs using Enersys products, mainly Cyclon cells. Cyclon cells are sealed, pure lead acid batteries that are specifically chosen due to their design and lifespan. They have a life of 10 years and can achieve approximately 2000 cycles in full discharge. They also have a wide temperature range and are therefore used in many different countries with different climates. Cyclon cells are sold in D, TD (tall D), X, E and BC sizes.

Enersys batteries are used in many applications such as telecommunications, utility industries, UPS systems and flow meters. They are also used in a lot of other applications needing stored energy solutions including medical, aerospace and defense systems.

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