IoT battery

Almost market sectors have been affected directly or indirectly the rise of the Internet of Things over the past decades. From smart homes and smart cities to smart industries, the Internet of Things, or IoT, has taken over our everyday lives. As users, we experience it on a daily basis through communication devices, sensors, tracking systems, RFID and many other applications. It encompasses not only consumer electronics such as light switches and wearable devices, but also the demanding requirements of the industrial and automotive industries.

Long-standing partnerships with leading battery manufacturers

The IoT relies intrinsically on wireless transmissions made possible by batteries able to handle pulse current in harsh environments. From Samsung and Panasonic coin cells, Lithium Polymer, Molicel and LG Lithium-ion to Saft and Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride among many others, Enix Power Solutions currently stocks all technologies available on the market. Furthermore, our long-standing partnerships with brands such as Saft, Tadiran, Samsung, LG and Panasonic testify to our expertise in the battery industry.

At Enix Power Solutions, we offer more than 12,000 different references to our customers. A large choice of battery packs, brands and cells of all sizes and technologies is available to suit your needs. The most commonly used sizes in the Internet of Things sector (1.5V, 3V and 3.6V) are available from our UK and European warehouses. What’s more, our teams are highly trained as DGSAs and therefore able to deliver worldwide in an efficient and safe manner.

Whether you need tagged cells, bare cells or battery packs, we possess the experience, production capacity and storage facilities necessary to cover small to very large requirements.

UN38.3 transport approval and rigorous testing

Our team of experts is available to advise you on the right match for your IoT battery requirements. We can help you define your needs in terms of design, technology, capacity and many other factors. In addition, all our batteries are UN38.3 approved and we apply testing processes to all our products. This includes temperature, vibration, shock, drop, short-circuit and overcharge tests. We offer a high product quality, excellent customer service and extended market expertise at every step of our collaboration.

Applications: Locking Systems, Wearables, Alarm Systems, Sensors, Measurement, Medical, Tracking Devices, Smart Grid, Street Furniture, Farming, Road Traffic Systems.

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