Logistical support

Enix Power Solutions has an international presence. We make a point of being as close to our clients as possible but also of being present in Asia and Africa in order to have greater control over the production and transportation of our products. This helps us to guarantee efficient service and excellent delivery times in order to provide the best logistical support possible.

  • Delivery from our national structures: Our European establishments are attached to warehouses in order to provide fast delivery for all of our clients and local partners. We keep safety stock available to make sure we’re always able to meet customer requirements.
  • Deliveries to Asia: At Enix Power Solutions, we have organised ourselves and trained our staff to make it possible for us to deliver batteries in Asia either from our European depots or straight from the production sites in Asia. In every instance, the products are tested to ensure a level of quality which is beyond reproach. This essential service helps us to facilitate our customers’ supply chain to their production sites.
  • Direct deliveries: Our industrial clients often ask us to handle logistics and transport directly to their distributors. In these cases, it is no longer necessary to keep safety stock for our clients since we deliver directly to our partners’ clients in full confidentiality.