Market Sectors

For over 30 years, Enix Power Solutions has been a leader in the design and supply of batteries for manufacturers in different market sectors. If you need batteries which are certified for use in regulated, explosive, or humid environments or in extreme temperatures, Enix Power Solutions is an expert in small and large scale production.

The sophistication of our customers’ products has led us over time to structure ourselves in a way which allows us to be able to meet their needs. The original equipment (OEM) department broadens our pool of knowledge and further complements our existing expertise. As such, our partners have professional profiles and backgrounds that enable us to offer comprehensive technical and economical solutions.

Our staff is made up of engineers, technicians and sales engineers specialised in electronics, electrical engineering, as well as in mechanical engineering. Some of them have acquired solid professional experience in world-famous companies, such as Sanyo, Varta and Ultralife.

Examples of market sectors, we currently work with:

Medical Industry

Contact us to discuss your portable energy requirements for your medical devices. We supply several medical equipment manufacturers with ISO 14385 certified batteries to run their portable equipment and also with backup batteries in case of power cuts.
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Marine & Subsea

We have been able to really develop our partnerships with manufacturers in this sector especially because of our geographical situation in Europe. In fact, the United Kingdom and France have a broad network of organisations which are specialised in this area. We have been designing and manufacturing bespoke batteries for seabed measuring devices and also for monitoring devices for merchant ships and naval vessels for 30 years.
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Oil & Gas

We design and provide batteries and battery packs for large industrial companies in this sector. We offer a wide range of ATEX certified products for equipment used in gas extraction and processing centers but also for the industry’s testing and maintenance equipment (oil rigs, refineries, petrol stations etc.).
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Water Industry

We design and supply a wide range of batteries and battery packs for water measuring and testing devices. Batteries are strategic to equipment such as water meters and leak detection devices positioned near water pipes, and offer an ever-increasing autonomy allowing devices to become more and more reliable.
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IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT (Internet of Things) encompasses not only consumer electronics such as light switches and wearable devices, but also the demanding requirements of the industrial and automotive industries. Our team of experts is available to advise you on the right match for your IoT battery requirements. We can help you define your needs in terms of design, technology, capacity and many other factors. 
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We can provide batteries and custom battery packs for the robotics industry including Saft primary lithium cells, ideal for uses in devices such as smart metering projects, Li-ion batteries, perfectly adapted to applications such as telecommunications satellites and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for applications with limited space. 
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Instrumentation & Measurement

Instrumentation and measurement devices cover a wide range of simple to extremely complex applications, from flame and gas detection systems to pressure measurement products by way of electronic scales and vending machines. At Enix Power Solutions, we can design and manufacture the right battery packs for your applications thanks to a strong expertise in working with the instrumentation sector.
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Alarms & Monitoring Systems

We have been partners with the largest European alarm and monitoring system manufacturers for several years. We are also one of the market leaders in the design and manufacturing of battery packs for alarm and monitoring systems.

Storage of Solar Energy

The developing face of solar powered technology allows us to work with manufacturers as they develop new products especially with the expansion in the area of isolated stationary equipment. We have, for instance, partnerships in signage, radars, speed cameras and other equipment, and street furniture.


Contact us for all your energy-related projects in isolated environments or in portable telecommunication equipment. Our extensive experience enables us to strike the best battery life/price balance for your projects. Our testing equipment, which is able to test the batteries in extreme temperatures, allows us to test our battery packs under realistic conditions.