Reinforced battery

We can reinforce and/or seal the battery’s casing and also fit it with shock protection. Vibratory, hygrometric and temperature constraints are often noted.

The Enix Power Solutions team offers you proven solutions to your various different problems. Each new industrial battery is developed and carefully tested in the laboratory. Tests are done using different processes such as salt spray tests and thermal imaging. The objective is to offer you a flawless end product which is resistant and reliable.

Whatever your market sector, the Enix Power Solutions team is able to supply industrial batteries according to your needs:

  • Batteries with sealed casings (resins like Silicone are used to seal the packs).
  • Batteries with light aluminium casings or even sheet metal casings.
  • Batteries with robust, made to measure casings which are reinforced using special mousses.
  • Batteries with casings which are resistant to extreme temperature (cell warming and cooling solutions).

All these solutions allow us to take the battery’s constraints into consideration in order to offer reliable, durable solutions.