Saft Batteries

Saft batteries are compatible with many kinds of applications, such as Telecommunications, Control and Instrumentation, Memory Back Up, Beacons, Alarm Systems, Tracking Systems, Military Electronics and Meter Reading just to name a few. Their vast range of products covers applications with a requirement for high temperature cells. Saft batteries also have some products that are built to stand high discharge rates.

Saft batteries are used throughout many market sectors. They are among the market leaders in the following sectors: Aviation, Defence, Renewable Energy and Storage, Industrial Standby, Marine, Medical, Motive Power and Vehicles, Oil and Gas, Professional Electronics, Railways, Space, Telecommunications and Utility Meters.

Enix Power Solutions is proud to be an official Saft battery distributor.

SAFT Li-SOCl2 Lithium-Thionyl chloride range for battery packs

Part Number Size Nominal
Weight Operating
LS14250 1/2AA 3.6V 1.2Ah 8.9g -60/+85°C LS14250
LS14500 AA 3.6V 2.6Ah 16.7g -60/+85°C LS14500
LS17330 1/3A 3.6V 2.1Ah 14.4g -60/+85°C LS 17330
LS17500 A 3.6V 3.6Ah 21.9g -60/+85°C LS17500
LS26500 C 3.6V 7.7Ah 48g -60/+85°C LS26500
LS33600 D 3.6V 17.0Ah 90g -60/+85°C LS33600
LSH14 light C 3.6V 3.6Ah 51g -60/+85°C LSH14-light
LSH14 C 3.6V 5.8Ah 51g -60/+85°C LSH14
LSH20 D 3.6V 13.0Ah 100g -60/+85°C LSH20
LS20-HTS D 3.6V 11.0Ah 100g -60/+85°C LSH20-HTS
LSH20-15 D 3.6V 14.0Ah 104.5g -60/+85°C LSH20

We also stock these cells with standard tags:

  • CNA – Co-axial wire
  • CNR – Solder tabbing also called T2
  • 3PF – Formation tagging
  • Bespoke tagging

Bobbin or spiral operating voltage: 3.6V
Lowest self-discharge for extended operating life
Designed for long term applications: 5 to 20+ years

LS series offers an unbeatable performance in long-life applications
They prove outstanding reliability in environments of demand
LSH series boasts secure operations for up to +150°C

SAFT Li-SO2 Lithium-sulfur dioxide range for battery packs

Part Number Size Nominal
Weight Operating
LO 34 SX 1/3C 2.8V 1.0Ah 16g -40/+70°C LO34SX
LO35 SX 2/3C 2.8V 2.2Ah 30g -60/+70°C LO35SX
LO 40 SX 2/3 thin D 2.8V 3.5Ah 40g -60/+70°C LO40SX
LO 26 SX D 2.8V 7.75Ah 85g -60/+70°C LO26SX
LO26 SXC D 2.8V 9.2Ah 85g -60/+70°C LO26SXC
LO 25 SX Fat D 2.8V 8.0Ah 96g -60/+70°C LO25SX
LO 29 SHX C 2.8V 3.75Ah 40g -60/+70°C LO29SHX
LO 30 SHX Thin D 2.8V 5.7Ah 63g -60/+70°C LO30SHX
LO 26 SHX D 2.8V 7.5Ah 85g -60/+70°C LO26SHX
LO 43 SHX 5/4 D 2.8V 5.0Ah 53g -60/+70°C LO43SHX
LO 39 SHX F 2.8V 11.5Ah 125g -60/+70°C LO39SHX
G 04/3 ½ AA 2.8V 0.45Ah 8g -60/+70°C G043
G 06/2 AA 2.8V 0.95Ah 15g -60/+70°C G062
G 32/3 2/3 A 2.8V 0.8Ah 12g -60/+70°C G323
G 36/2 Long A 2.8V 1.7Ah 18g -60/+70°C G362
G 52/3 C 2.8V 3.2Ah 47g -60/+70°C G523
G 54/3 5/4 C 2.8V 5.0Ah 58g -60/+70°C G543
G 26 D 2.8V 7.75Ah 85g -60/+70°C
G 22/6 DD 2.8V 16.5Ah 175g -60/+70°C G226
G 62/1 Long Fat D 2.8V 34.0Ah 300g -60/+70°C


SAFT Li-MnO2 Lithium manganese dioxide range for battery packs

Still provides a high capacity and current at low temperatures
Basal voltage delay. For high power applications, designs remain incredibly safe.
Part Number Size Nominal
Weight Operating
M51 2/3C 3.0V 3.2Ah 38g -40/+70°C M51
M52 C 3.0V 5.6Ah 58g -40/+70°C M52EX
M56 5/4C 3.0V 6.7Ah 70g -40/+70°C M56
M19 Short D 3.0V 10.3Ah 105g -40/+70°C M19
M20 D 3.0V 12.6Ah 117g -40/+70°C M20
M62 DD 3.0V 33.0Ah 355g -40/+70°C
M52HR C 3.0V 4.8Ah 59g -40/+70°C M52HR
M19HR Short D 3.0V 10.3Ah 107g -40/+70°C M19
M20HR D 3.0V 11.5Ah 117g -40/+70°C M20
M24HR Big DD 3.0V 20.0Ah 201g -40/+70°C M24HR
LM17130 1/3A 3.0V 0.5Ah 8g -40/+70°C LM17130
LM17500 A 3.0V 3.0Ah 28g -40/+70°C LM17500
LM16500 C 3.0V 7.0Ah 60g -40/+70°C
LM33600 D 3.0V 13.0Ah 114g -40/+70°C LM33600
M52Ex C 3.0V 5.6Ah 58g -40/+70°C M52EX
M20Ex D 3.0V 12.4Ah 115g -40/+70°C M20EX


SAFT Li-Ion Lithium range for battery packs

At extreme temperatures, the life time of these batteries remains outstandingly extended
Demanding applications, including industrial and defence, remain catered for by the design of these Saft batteries.

Part Number Form Factor Nominal
Weight Operating
VL34570 Cylindrical 3.7V 5.4Ah 125g -20/+60°C VL34570
MP144350 Prismatic 3.75V 2.6Ah 68g -20/+60°C MP144350
MP174565 Integration Prismatic 3.75V 4.8Ah 103g -20/+60°C MP174565+integration
MP176065 Integrationxc Prismatic 3.75V 6.8Ah 143g -20/+60°C MP176065XC
MP176065 Integrationxtd Prismatic 3.65V 6.4Ah 134g -30/+60°C
MP174565 Integrationxtd Prismatic 3.65V 4.0Ah 97g -30/+60°C MP174565XTD
MP176065 Integrationxtd Prismatic 3.65V 5.6Ah 136g -30/+60°C
VL25500-125 Cylindrical C 3.6V 2.0Ah 59g 0/+125°C VL 25500-125
VL32600-125 Cylindrical D 3.6V 4.6Ah 139g 0/+125°C VL32600125


Enix Power Solutions is an official battery pack assembler for Saft cells and a leading official Saft distributor.

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