Starter batteries / High current batteries

Enix Power Solutions offers a range of lead acid or lithium starter batteries. These batteries can be used to start combustion engines. They are capable of supplying high currents and take up a smaller amount of space.

The Enix Power Solutions team has been able to develop several ranges of batteries:

  • Open lead (for general public applications)
  • Pure lead (when there are greater environmental constraints such as temperature, acceleration, etc.)
  • Lithium ion (when the weight and size are more important)

Enix Power Solutions has faced mechanical problems with lithium ion starter batteries such as collecting current from all the cells. We have developed current collectors in order to ensure complete resistance  to any vibrations and reduce the battery’s internal resistance as much as is possible. This makes it possible to supply the maximum current possible while generating minimal heat. This research has proved itself to be pertinent as lithium ion starter batteries are now used in high level sports.