Technical support

Enix Power Solutions accompanies you from the start of your project

Our research and development departments are specialists who are able to accompany our customers throughout their entire power solution project. We can advise you on the choice of technology for your battery pack which will give you the best battery performance in the most cost effective way possible including the transportation regulations (UN38.3).

Our teams of experts are trained to give you the most appropriate technical support possible. We design and manufacture batteries since 1986 for all industries, including battery packs for use in critical applications.

  • Battery design based on technical specifications

Some clients are able to draw up their own technical specifications internally. In this case, our technical support will be limited to building the battery pack which our clients design. We look after the prototyping phase as well as the pre-production and production phases. Our manufacturing and battery certification expertise is at your service.

  • Design based on technical constraints

We can also start from scratch and propose a design based on your technical requirements. We will look at your technical specifications with you in order to bring your project to fruition.

Our process

  • Identification of requirements
  • Creation of technical specifications
  • Design: one or several options proposed
  • Technical validation
  • Sample creation
  • Sample tested in the lab in the customer’s equipment
  • Pre-production
  • Certification (if necessary)
  • Product launched
  • Performance audits