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UN38.3 LiFePO4 batteries



Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry surpasses standard sealed lead acid chemistry in all areas:

  • Increased reliability
  • Safer: No risk of explosion or leaking
  • Increased efficiency: Lithium iron phosphate chemistry is twice as efficient as sealed lead acid chemistry, even at high discharge rates
  • Lighter: Half the weight of sealed lead acid
  • Longer cycle life: The cycle life of an LiFePO4 battery is approximately 4 times longer than that of a lead acid battery (2,000 cycles for LiFePO4 compared to 500 cycles for lead acid).
  • Wider operating temperature range: -20°C – +60°C
  • UN38.3 approved LiFePO4 batteries
UN38.3 LiFePO4 batteries
UN 38.3 APPROVED LIthium iron phosphate BATTERies
 1 AML9142  6 4.5Ah 5A 8A  70x101x47mm  0.35kg
 2 AML9131 12 7.5Ah 15A 20A  151x65x99mm  1.1kg
 3 AML9133 12 12Ah 24A 30A  151x98x101mm  1.7kg
 4 AML9134 12 18Ah 36A 50A  181x77x167mm  2.7kg
 5 AML9135 12 33Ah 50A 60A  195x130x178mm  4.8kg
 6 AML9141 12 65Ah 65A 100A  262x167x212mm  9.2kg
 7 AML9138 12 100Ah 100A 120A  342x173x212mm  13.6kg
   8 AML9154 12 150Ah 100A 140A  483x238x170mm  18.4kg

*+/- 1mm applies to all dimensions provided, please consult the product datasheet for further guidance.

Our LiFePO4 batteries do not contain acid, eliminating the risk of acid leaks, a common problem in conventional lead acid batteries. The risk of combustion/explosion due to short circuits, shocks or over-heating is also greatly reduced thanks to the internal BMS (Battery Management System) housed within each and every LiFePO4 battery, which balances internal cell voltages, thus increasing battery life expectancy.

Common applications for our LiFePO4 batteries include:

  • Electric Vehicles, Electric Mobility
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Microlight Aircraft
  • Oil/Gas Automation and Measurement
  • Solar Regenerated Back-up Power Supply
  • Data Center Back-up Power Supply
  • Medical Carts / Wheelchairs
  • UPS Replacement


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