UPS’ are designed for specific applications. For cases where a standard UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can’t meet our customer’s needs, Enix Power Solutions has developed an upgradable solution which makes it possible for us to fulfil your requirements as closely as possible.

This solution consists of lithium ion or lithium iron phosphate batteries (the capacity is adjusted according to the desired battery life). The lithium technology makes it possible to have very precise gauges in order to know the battery’s state of charge and state of health in real time, but also to make the user aware of any future faults with the battery.

The UPS is made up of a battery and a BMS (Battery Management System). It can also contain a DC/AC converter. Our UPS solutions are modular and they all come in a standard 19” rack format (for example, a 25.6V 67Ah battery can be placed in a 19” 2U rack).

The solution can supply:

  • From 230Vac/110Vac
  • 12Vdc/24Vdc

Our UPS solutions are used in areas such as telecoms, data centres and events. These solutions are specially developed to guarantee fast charging (less than 1 hour depending on the technology) and intense use.