Varta Microbattery was founded in 1887 but was originally called Busche & Miller in Hagen. They have over 2000 employees based in 100 countries and approximately 150 out of the 2000 work in Research & Development. As a result, they are always on the cutting edge of new technology. The Research & Development centres are based in Europe, Asia and the USA. They have manufacturing sites in China & Indonesia. Varta have over 125 years experience in the battery industry, which makes them a strong market leader.

Enix Power Solutions use a lot of Varta batteries in battery packs for many different applications. They have an extensive lithium polymer range which we can build into many different formations to suit your application. They also have a large range of lithium primary cells which can be fitted with any tag in many different styles e.g. CNA (axial leads), P2, T2, 3PF, 3PF-RP, HB and many more.

Varta batteries are used in many applications and market sectors such as Automotive, Computers, Cell Phones, Medical Equipment, Measuring, Security and Memory back-up.

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