Yuasa Batteries are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sealed lead acid batteries. Since 1895 when GS Yuasa Group was founded, they have continued to grow and now have 65 subsidiaries and 33 affiliates in countries all over the world. They specialise in Automotive, Motorcycle, Golf & Mobility and Industrial types of batteries. One of their most popular ranges is the industrial VRLA range of batteries. These batteries are available in different voltages and capacities. The most common sizes are NP7-12 (12v 7ah), NP12-12, NP17-12 and NP24-12 but they also go down as low as NP1.2-6 (6v 1.2ah).

Yuasa also offer Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium cells. They do a smaller range in these chemistries but they are used in a wide variety of applications.

Enix Power Solutions can provide custom battery packs that are configured to suit the desired voltage (power) and amperage (runtime) by connecting individual SLA batteries in different ways. A single battery holds a fixed voltage and amperage and when multiple batteries are combined in different ways to form a battery pack, this generates the desired rating.

Battery packs wired in series (increased voltage) are often used in Golf carts, Sweepers, Floor scrubbers, Marine and other applications. Parallel configurations are commonly used in deep cycle applications where the same voltage is needed at a higher capacity.

Yuasa Batteries are used in many applications as they have a wide variety of voltages and ampere hours in their range. Some of the main applications for sealed lead acid batteries are Cars, Motorbikes, Golf Trolleys, Mobility Scooters, Alarm Systems, Robotics, Fire and Security Systems, CCTV and UPS Systems just to name a few. The NiMH and NiCD cells are generally used to make battery packs. They can be used in any application providing the power specification is met.

Yuasa Batteries are used in a range of market sectors as they are very common sizes and specifications. Some of these market sectors are Security, Automotive, Industrial, and Mobility.