Custom battery packs

Custom battery pack design and assembly

Enix Power Solutions is a UK based battery  manufacturer specialised in the design of custom battery packs and solutions to meet specific product requirements. Whether you need a rechargeable or primary, simple or complex solution, we design custom battery packs that are fit for purpose. We will identify the correct battery technology to ensure the battery pack is physically and electrically suitable, with appropriate safety and electronic circuits. We get the right certifications so you can ship your products all over the world.

Technical support

After collecting application data, we can begin structuring our design process for your custom battery pack. We will carry out a design review and look at space constraints, run time expectations, power consumption and environmental considerations. Once we understand exactly what the battery is expected to do, we will begin creating innovative solutions and a proposal document for your battery pack. Involved at all stages, you can shape the product with our dedicated engineers and have full awareness of development whilst relying on us to deliver against an agreed timeline.


Using a combination of off-the-shelf test equipment and bespoke in-house test equipment, cells and custom battery packs are tested before leaving our manufacturers to ensure proper operation and to condition cells to operate to their full capability from the first use.

White label batteries

Strengthen your own brand and manage the replacement market with our branded and personalised service for batteries. We have the capabilities to design labels and packages, and stock your product to meet your criteria. Find out more about our white label batteries.

Manufacturing sites

With a worldwide presence, we have the manufacturing site to meet with your requirements. Whether you require a small, highly complex series or large quantities of standard batteries, we have the facility to deal with it. All our sites are certified ISO9001 and ISO14001 and are available for customer audits.

Battery certifications

With more than 30 years’ experience manufacturing batteries for a wide range of market sectors, from Oil & Gas to Medical applications, we work with you to define the battery certifications required for your activity. From UN38.3 transport approval to UL approved battery packs for the US market, we have the capability to get your custom battery packs certified.

Leading partners

For many years we have built partnerships with world leading battery manufacturers including Saft, Tadiran, Panasonic and many others to provide the best quality of batteries to our customers.