Global presence

Enix Power Solutions is currently present in 3 countries.

Our technical sales teams are present in the UK (Birmingham, West Midlands), France (Grenoble, Isère) and Spain (Barcelona, Catalonia), to assist with your project from the technical specification stage right through to the manufacturing of the battery pack.

Our 3 production sites, located in United Kingdom (Birmingham, West Midlands), France (Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes) and Tunisia (Tunis), enable us to manufacture any product according the client’s specifications.

Our logistics centre with its 5,500m² storage area is located close to Lyon (Rhone-Alpes) in France. It enables us to efficiently fulfil the industry’s most challenging requirements.

We also own a quality and sourcing centre in Shenzhen, China, which allows us to source the best quality components to meet your requirements at the best prices.

Our history

Historically, within UPERGY, each site has always had its own speciality.

In Grenoble (France), the assembly of pure-lead (cyclon) battery packs, for which we are the official ENERSYS assembler (Value Added Distributor) in France, was spread over 2 production sites. These sites also dealt with the assembly of NiMH and NiCd accumulators as well as TADIRAN lithium products.

In Solihull (UK), we had assembly lines dedicated to primary and rechargeable lithium battery packs from an early stage. The Enix Power Solutions UK office has had a close partnership with SAFT for many years, and is an official SAFT assembler.

After outsourcing our large-scale production in Tunisia for a few years, we created our own large-scale production centre in Tunis, in 2010.

Today, the different sites are homogenised and are able to assemble any technology in order to enable maximum flexibility. As a result of this, several million cells are assembled every year in these production centres. For some markets, we have established a partnership with an assembler based in Shenzhen, China. They work closely with VDI CHINA and with the group’s technical services.