NX batteries

With over 30 years’ experience working with major electronics manufacturers, industrial distribution specialists and leaders in the high-tech industry, we noticed that our clients were tired of the time, performance and quality constraints of larger battery manufacturers and were looking for an alternative solution.

Although originally specialised in technically complex batteries, we decided to create the NX brand to help our clients achieve the performance they needed for more “standard” batteries, notably alkaline batteries and lead acid batteries.


We work constantly to improve the quality of our products and, although value for money is an important factor in our manufacturing process, our main focus is on developing solutions which provide the best possible performance in professional applications.


International R&D team with 30 years’ experience in the industry


  • Test labs in the UK and France.
  • Meticulous choice of electrochemical couples, components and manufacturing processes.
  • NX products meet the main requirements of professionals: durability, performance and value for money.
  • NX batteries have passed a series of quality tests which exceed professional standards in order to ensure superior quality.
  • Our products are quality certified and meet all current health and safety regulations, guaranteeing safety  in all market sectors.
  • NX brand products are recognised and distributed worldwide.



Discover the NX range of batteries


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Alkaline batteries Automotive batteries Power tool batteries Laptop batteries
AGM lead acid batteries Motorcycle batteries Medical batteries Mobile phone batteries
Battery packs Leisure batteries Instrumentation batteries Tablet batteries
Industrial cells Industrial batteries PLC batteries Rechargeables
Emergency lighting batteries Mobility batteries Automatic doors Cordless phone batteries


Custom battery pack design


Enix Power Solutions design and manufacture custom battery packs from A-Z according to your technical specifications in our dedicated Solihull workshop. Find out more about custom battery pack design here.

We also offer a customised battery service which allows you to have batteries manufactured under your own brand.