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Although you may be familiar with Gel, AGM and other popular battery technologies, you may not have come across lead crystal batteries.

Lead crystal batteries are a superior solution which offer many advantages over other technologies:

Long shelf life: can be stored for two years without a need for refresh charging. Simplifies logistics.
Long battery life: design life is 18 years. Up to 6000 charge/discharge cycles (20% Dod).
Better usage performance: charges up to two times faster than conventional alternatives. Excellent high-current discharge ability.
Extreme temperature resistance: operates at temperatures varying from -40°C to +65°C.
Full recovery: can be 100% discharged and then restored to full rated capacity daily.
Cleaner: less acid, no cadmium or antimony. Complies with increasingly strict international standards on environmental protection.
Safer: no risk of leakage, fewer harmful chemicals, less fluids because of crystallization.
Easy transport: classified as normal goods and non-hazardous for air, sea and land transport.
• Up to 99% recyclable and increased sustainability

Lead Crystal Battery UK
lead crystal battery range
CURRENT (5S, 25°C)
1 AMC9014 3-CNFJ-4  6V 4Ah 40A  70×47.5×105  0.7kg F4.8
  AMC9015 3-CNFJ-7.2 6V 7.2Ah 72A  151x35x100  1.2kg F4.8
  AMC9008 3-CNFJ-10 6V 10Ah 100A  151x50x100  1.9kg F6.35
  AMC9016 3-CNFJ-12 6V 12Ah 120A  151x50x100  2.1kg F6.35
 2 AMC9003 6-CNFJ-7.2 12V 7.2Ah 72A  151x65x100  2.3kg F6.35
  AMC9020 6-CNFJ-10 12V 10Ah 100A  151x99x102  4.15kg M5-F
  AMC9006 6-CNFJ-12 12V 12Ah 120A  151x99x100  4.15kg M5-F
  AMC9021 6-CNFJ-14 12V 14Ah 120A  151x99x104  4.35kg M6-F
 3 AMC9001 6-CNFJ-18 12V 18Ah 180A  181x76x170  6.2kg M5-F
  AMC9004 6-CNFJ-24 12V 24Ah 240A  176x166x125  7.7kg M5-F
  AMC9007 6-CNFJ-35 12V 35Ah 350A  220x120x175  14.5kg M6-F
  AMC9013 6-CNFJ-40 12V 40Ah 400A  198x166x172  13.0kg M6-F
 4 AMC9002 6-CNFJ-55 12V 55Ah 550A  299x138x215  16.9kg M6-F
  AMC9005 6-CNFJ-70 12V 70Ah 700A  259x169x215  22.5kg M6-F
  AMC9009 6-CNFJ-90 12V 90Ah 900A  306x174x240  28.0kg M6-F
  AMC9012 6-CNFJ-100 12V 100Ah 1000A  330x172x220  31.5kg M6-F
  AMC9019 6-CNFJ-150 12V 150Ah 1500A  530x205x240  45.0kg M8-F
  AMC9018 6-CNFT-170 12V 170Ah 1700A  546x125x320  50.0kg M8-F
  AMC9017 6-CNFJ-180 12V 180Ah 1800A  522x240x224  60.0kg M8-F
 5 AMC9010 6-CNFJ-200 12V 200Ah 2000A  522x240x223  64.0kg M8-F

Comparative performances


Lead Crystal batteries can be used in any application where lead acid, lead gel batteries or AGM Batteries are used today:

• Power Station Back Up
• Solar & Wind Power
• Telecommunication
• Railway systems
• Electric / motive applications

An extensive range of 2V, 6V, 8V and 12V Lead Crystal batteries suitable for multiple applications.

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